Your doorway to the outdoors. 

Our Mission

A gear rental service for non-motorized boats and camping equipment in Utah. We are peer-to-peer app and website that facilitates an environment providing these items at a lower cost and with far greater convenience than traditional rental agencies.

80% said they would recreate outdoors more if they had Rexchanger.
— Rexchanger Surveys

Types of equipment provided

Non-motorized boats:

  • Sailboats

  • Kayaks

  • Canoes

  • Rafts

  • Paddle boards

  • Duckies

  • Paddles, oars, life jackets, tubes.

Camping equipment:

  • Tents

  • Backpacks

  • Sleeping pads

  • Sleeping bags

  • Camping stoves

  • Camping dishes

  • Solar showers

  • More